At Our Business, we make furniture whose type is exceeded just by its function, its charm just by its convenience. We provide a large range of modern furniture, from our timeless Our Business recliner chair chairs, ottomans, love seats and couches, to completely personalized house theater seating and collaborating devices. Acknowledged by trendy circles worldwide, Our Business is a distinct Norwegian brand name, developed and produced.

Using proficient artisans and utilizing just the highest quality woods, leathers, fabrics, and surfaces, Our Business makes contemporary Scandinavian furniture for every single taste and for each space. Our approach is that when it concerns furniture, convenience matters most. At Our Business, we have established the trademarked Glide, Plus, and ErgoAdapt systems to guarantee that our seating provides the supreme in comfort. By changing Our Business wheels to the wanted setting, it is possible to instantly move seating positions utilizing your body weight alone. The Plus system immediately gets used to the proper head, neck, and back positions, while ErgoAdapt tilts to simply the best seating angle the minute you take a seat. These specialized ergonomic functions allow our seating to react to the natural motion of your body supplying exceptional assistance and convenience.



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